The intelligent digital Smart Power Distributor

ensures more safety and transparency on your construction site.

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Remote controlled RCD-Test with automated documentation

Traceable security
Make your processes safer and more cost-effective with the new RCD-Tests: you can run tests remotely using your internet browser, so you do not have to be on-site. The test result is automatically documented and also stored in the cloud. You will be also notified if the safety switches are triggered by a real error.

RCD Type B obligations since 2018
The revised DIN VDE 0100-704 demands that three-phase sockets in power distributors are to be protected with a type B all-current-sensitive RCD. The transition period ends in 2021. 

Of course, these are already installed in the intelligent Smart Power Distributor.

Type B RCDs are required when frequency-controlled equipment such as cranes, stone or wire saws, pumps, fan compressors or vibrators are used on the construction site.

Documented power consumption per socket

Who consumed how much electricity?
The Smart Power Distributor delivers the answer at the touch of a button.
Because only construction workers with a valid construction pass can draw electricity. You can follow on the TWINSTRUCTION dashboard in real time who used how much power at which connector.

Identify problems on time
This not only allows you to precisely allocate and later calculate the considerable energy costs on the construction site, but also react to potential problems immediately: if the drainage pump at the forth construction field is no longer working, the Smart Power Distributor alarms you automatically. This not only makes your construction site more transparent, but also increases safety at the same time.

Are you interested in the Smart Power Distributor?

Further benefits of the Smart Power Distributor

Industry standard

Stable components that meet the high requirements of a construction site.


Ready for immediate use

No IT staff needed on-site. The Smart Power Distributor logs on independently in the cloud.


Real-time monitoring

Measured data can be viewed in real-time worldwide.


Open & expandable

No vendor lock-in, no proprietary data formats – but open interfaces. Ready for AWS IoT, Siemens MindSphere, Schneider Electric Exchange, etc.

Smart Power Distributor Features

The Smart Power Distributor monitors and documents the power consumption value of each individual plug-in device, as well as environmental data, such as relative humidity and ambient temperature. The daily RCD-Test can be performed quickly and easily from a distance.


WiFi: 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n
LAN: Fast Ethernet possible
Mobile system: LTE, downward compatible
865-868 MHz (ETSI for Europe)
902-928 MHz (FCC for USA)
920-925 MHz (CMIIT for China)
920-924 MHz (ARIB for Japan)
Location determination: GPS

Data storage

Temporary: integrated Edge-device
Permanent: ELASTIC GEAR Cloud
Transfer: Mobile systems
WiFi (optional)

Data collection

Measured values: Current
Type: continuous
Resolution: 1 Hz
View: Overall
Connector system
Environmental data  
Measured values: Humidity rel.
Position (GPS)
Type: continuous
Resolution: 1 Hz

Integration & Expandability

Connection options for further measuring points and safety technology:

  • Measuring sensors for material moisture, etc.
  • Motion detectors, video recording etc.

Complete integrability into all TWINSTRUCTION services:

  • Access Control
  • Online Notification System – Timeslot Management
  • Authorization Management

Ready for industrial IoT platforms:

  • AWS IoT, SIEMENS MindSphere, Schneider Electric Exchange, etc.

Thanks to the intelligent smart power distributor, we were able to precisely document our own and third-party electricity consumption (during system maintenance) in our Leuna plant. This has not only simplified the calculation of the EEG surcharge enormously, but it has had a positive financial impact as well.

Ekkehard Körner

Manager Business Excellence and Innovation, DOMO Caproleuna GmbH

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