Intelligent access control for construction sites

Minimize liability risks, protect reputation, simplify documentation


Risk: Subcontractor chain 

As a builder or main contractor, you not only have to comply with legal documentation and obligation to produce proof of identity, but you are also exposed to considerable liability risks.

Both mean a high level of bureaucratic and therefore personnel expenditure.

Media coverage of violations – especially in the case of “blue light operations” – can damage your public reputation.


Do not let anyone at your construction site expose you to unnecessary liability risks and endanger your good reputation!

Get control of all subcontractors

The combination of Access Control and Certificate Control makes your construction site more transparent and secure.


Access Control manages physical access to the construction site.

Barriers and isolation systems such as turnstiles only grant access to those who can scan their activated RFID card (building ID card) on the card reader. The system records who enters or leaves the construction site at what time.

Certificate Control manages documents and evidence from subcontractors and their employees.  

Only companies and workers with the necessary and valid evidence and documents may pass through the turnstile or barrier. 

You decide which proof of identity you require from contractors, subcontractors and their employees per construction site. 

Access Control
– Controls turnstiles and barriers automatically via RFID.
– Documents entry and exit.

Access Control + Certificate Control

– Checks in real time on the basis of the subcontractor documents who is allowed on the construction site.
– Controls turnstiles and barriers automatically via RFID.
– Documents entry and exit.

TWINSTRUCTION is the digital solution for construction sites.

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