Make Your Construction Site Transparent, Traceable and More Secure.



Know exactly what’s going on and what happened at your construction site.



Access and PPE-Controls without delays.



Deliver fact-based data access to your customer and authorities – even in real time.



Cloud-based data access for all different stakeholders.



No vendor lock-in: Open to connect to 3rd party services.





Monitor your construction site.
From everywhere and in real time.

With our smart power distributor for example: It not only knows who consumed how much power when, but also measures different temperatures and records humidity and material moisture.

In this way you gain valuable insights into the conditions under which the trades were created.

TWINSTRUCTION can do more for you:

Access Control with real-time authorization system

RFID based PPE Control

Delivery Prenotification


Do you have a construction site? We have the digital solutions.

TWINSTRUCTION is the digital solution for construction sites.

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We equip customers with data logistics solutions to master the challenges in digital transformation. DATA AHEAD is specialized in industrial OT and IT and has been developing and implementing hardware and software solutions for data management, measurement and testing technology since 1999 in more than 600 projects. As an early adopter of innovative technologies, we became a pioneer in mass raw data logistics. We speak a strong industrial language and provide solutions that fit to the size and pace of our clients.